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Vibrato Cowl: Free Knitting Pattern

Ruffles and garter and ribbing, that's all it takes! This simple but fast cowl is sure to be warm and thick. Easy enough for a beginner and get for some mindless TV knitting if you just want something to relax and keep your hands busy. Plus, you can count on using the whole skein, but just one skein, of Lion Brand's Scarfie Yarn, a personal favorite.

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Approximately 150g/312 yds of bulky yarn, category 5 (Lion Brand Scarfie Yarn in Cream/Teal)

Size U.S. 8 /5 mm circular knitting needle, 16-20” long

Stitch marker

Tapestry needle


8 stitches and 13 rows = 2”x2” of stockinette using U.S. size 8


K - Knit

P - Purl

KFB - Knit front and back

K2TOG - Knit 2 together

PM - Place stitch marker

Pattern Instructions:

Cast on 80 stitches, join for working in the round, PM to denote beginning of the round


R1-R7: (K1, P1) repeat across


R8: K across

R9: Kfb across

R10-15: K across

R16: K2tog across

R17: K across

Garter Ridge

R18, R20: P across

R19: K across

Repeat ruffle then garter ridge, alternating back and forth until you have a total of six(6) ruffle sections and five(5) garter ridge sections, ending with a ruffle section. Then work the ribbing section again to complete the project. Bind off with a stretchy bind-off method. Weave in the two ends and enjoy!

Happy knitting!

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