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Bulky Baubles Beanie

New to bobbles? This is the perfect way to make your introduction! Fast and fun, this beanie works up in no time, and the big stitches are easy to work and see what you're doing.

Bobble Pro? You'll be able to whip up a cute and comfy hat in no time!

Great for advanced beginners and anyone who wants the satisfaction of a beautiful but easy project.

Not ready to make it just yet? Don't forget about it. Just Pin It for later!

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Approximately 75-90 yds of Super BulkyYarn (Size 6) (I used Lion Brand Hometown USA)

US size 10 /6 mm circular needle, 16” long, AND US size 11 /8 mm circular needle, 16” long (or sizes needed to obtain gauge)

Tapestry needle

Stitch markers


5 stitches and 7 rows = 2x2”


K - knit

P - purl

PM - place marker

MB - make bobble(Video tutorial can be found here. And written instructions are found at the end of the pattern in the notes section.)

K2tog - knit two together

Brim: (Using US size 10/6 mm needles)

Cast on 42 stitches, join for working in the round, PM at beginning of the round.

R1-6: (K1, P1) repeat across

Body and Crown: (Using US size 11/8 mm needles)

R7-8: K across

R9: (MB, K5) repeat across

R10-12: K across

R13: K3, (MB, K5) repeat six(6) times, MB, K2

R14-16: K across

Repeat R9-16 one(1) more time, and then repeat R9-15 one(1) more time.

R17: K2tog across

R18: K across


Cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Thread tail onto tapestry needle. Slip stitches off the knitting needles onto the tapestry needle and run them through with the long tail. Cinch all the stitches up tightly to close the top. Weave in cast on tail.


To make a bobble, either follow the video tutorial found here or works as follows:

  • When you come to the bobble stitch, work a knit stitch into it. Then without pulling the stitch off the left needle, also work a stitch into the back loop. Then still without pulling the stitch off the left needle, also work another stitch through the front loop.

  • Turn the work and purl back three stitches to the beginning of the bobble.

  • Turn the work again and knit back to the end of the bobble.

  • Take the two extra stitches created at the beginning of the bobble and slip them up and over the current stitch.

  • Continue on with the rest of the pattern, making sure to cinch up the next knit stitch nice and tight to make the bobble stand out.

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