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10 Free Knit Sweater Patterns for Beginners

Always wanted to make a sweater but worried that it's too difficult? Find some cute pattern only to find out it costs $8.00 before it will even tell you how much yarn you will need?

Look no further! Here is a list of ten free patterns, ranging from absolutely easy to adventurous beginner. Find a variety of necklines, yarn weights, and construction methods to choose from.

After the most basic of basic patterns? Try the Scoop Neck Sweater by Bergere de France.

Love knitting in the round? Choose a top-down version such as Brick by Clare Lee!

Tunic? Autumn Lane by DROPS Designs.

Never knitted a sweater before and are totally intimidated by the idea? Relax! Keep in mind that every project is made just one stitch at a time. It's important to read through the whole project before starting it to get an idea of how it's all going to fit together in the end, but during the actual work, you just need to get one line right at a time.

You'll fall in love with the process of sweaters in no time. You might find that you love making them in the round and hate knitting them flat ,you might be just the opposite! Since these patterns are all free, you can always decide you want to try a different technique without having to invest more money in the pattern, and you can just reuse your yarn if you ripped out a sweater you weren't in love with.

Also, don't forget there are TONS of resources out there to help you. I joined numerous knitting groups on Facebook who are full of people ready to jump in and help with a confusing part of a pattern at a moment's notice. There's a YouTube tutorial for EVERYTHING! Ravelry has pages and pages of forums on every imaginable subject with knowledgeable knitters eager to share their wisdom. YOU CAN DO IT!


No. 1: Blue Raglan Sweater

by Evi Volf

Available in a wide range of sizes from XS through XL, this is a very easy pattern using just basic knit and purl stitches and raglan shaping. The body of the sweater has a beautiful seed-stitch texture made by alternating knit and purl stitches across.

It's constructed in four pieces -- front, back, and two sleeves -- and then sewn together at the finish. This simple pattern is written on just three pages, with the last page only having the diagram that explains the sizing on it.

Available on Ravelry here.


No. 2: Pocket Pullover

by Schachenmayr Design Team

Beautifully fitting, set-in sleeve sweater with seed stitch body, stockinette sleeves, and finished with ribbing at the neck, waist and wrists. Easy to modify to short, three-quarter, or full-sleeve as preferred. Optional front pocket!

It's available in sizes SX, S, and M, with a chart on the final page of the pattern detailing all the measurements to make sure you get a great fit. This sweater is knit flat and then seamed together at the end, using only knit, purl, and basic increasing and decreasing stitches.

The pattern is written for middle-weight Aran yarn for a lovely warm, but not too bulky, finished garment. Available on Ravelry here.


No. 3: Brick Sweater

by Clare Lee

Using a heavier worsted yarn, this sweater will knit up nice and quickly and be super warm. It's available in lots of sizes from XS through 3X!

It features a basic raglan sleeve and is knitted from the top down, making finishing the garment very easy since you won't have to seam it all together at the end. This is perfect for a basic wardrobe addition with its plain stockinette body and simple ribbed neckline and hems. Knitting stockinette in the round also makes it work up very fast!

Plus, it's easy to customize the length of the body and the sleeves since you can just make more or less rounds if you want shorter sleeves or a longer body. Knitting seamlessly in the round also gives you the best fit since you can try on the garment as you work!

Pattern available here.


No. 4: Shapely Stripes Pullover

by Lion Brand Yarn

This one also has a great size range, XS through 3X. It's a basic set-in sleeve sweater with four pieces knit flat and then seamed together at the end. It's perfect for some really cool multi-colored yarn as well as solid colors.

The pattern has light shaping at the waist allowing for a more fitted look compared to many other basic sweaters. It's written to be finished with crocheted edges at the neck, waist, and sleeves, with an optional knit edge instead, which will make it quicker to finish and give it a finer texture than many other patterns.

Pattern available here.


No. 5: Anhinga Sweater

by Norah Gaughan

This is the most challenging sweater on the list, but still well within the capabilities of an adventurous beginner.

It is knitted flat in six pieces -- back, front left, front center, front right, and two sleeves -- and then seamed together with the seams showing on the right side giving it a decorative effect.

It's available in six sizes and made with a medium weight Aran yarn and an attractive cowl neckline.

Pattern available here.


No. 6: Autumn Lane

by DROPS Design

This one adds some variety with a tunic length and split side seams. Great for multi-colored or textured yarns or even two different kinds of yarn held double.

Also an in-set sleeve pattern, knit flat in four pieces and seamed at the end. This one has a slightly more challenging neckline if you're not familiar with picking up stitches around the neckline, but it is still well within a beginner's abilities if they give it a little patience.

It's available in S to 3X and knit in a lighter weight yarn which gives it a little bit more drape than the heavier yarns.

Pattern available here.


No. 7: Scoop Neck Sweater

by Bergere de France

This is the most basic of basic sweaters! Literally one pages of instructions that includes the sizing differences for S to 2X.

It's knit flat in garter stitch which means you don't even know how to purl! Just knit stitches and any decrease and increase stitches you are comfortable with.

Made in worsted yarn for a warm and quick knit, it features set-in sleeves and a slightly dropped shoulder for an ideal comfy sweater!

Pattern available here.


No. 8: Adult's Knit Crew Neck Striped Pullover

by Caron

This fun and bright project was designed specifically with Caron's Simply Soft yarn in mind. It comes in at least 37 colors and is available almost anywhere yarn is sold. While it's certainly not going to impress any yarn snob, it's a fantastic basic acrylic in a versatile weight that works for an abundance of projects. Plus, it is reaaaally soft and also machine washable.

Of all the patterns I've listed here, it has the largest size range from XS through 4/5XL, and the pattern is written with color-coordinating instructions to help you keep track of how many repeats are needed for your size. I've used other colorized patterns in the past and they are the BOMB since it is soooo much faster and easier to keep track of your work.

Unlike the other raglan patterns I've listed, this one is knit flat and joined at the end. The neckline also is picked up after the sleeves are sewn in and finished in 2x2 ribbing. It uses all of the basic knitting techniques for many of the other super simple designs, but it makes a big statement with the addition of the vibrant color changes!

Pattern available here.


No. 9: Adult's Knit Turtle Neck Pullover

by Caron

Since this pattern is written with the same theme as the Crew-Neck Striped Pullover above, it has all of the same wonderful features -- massive size range from XS to 4/5XL, color-coded instructions to help track your size, knit flat and seamed at the end, and designed with a super soft inexpensive yarn that comes in loads of colors(Caron's Simply Soft).

If you love the idea of the simple raglan, but aren't up to all the stripes, this one's for you. The main difference is the turtle neckline which is worked right at the end. The worsted weight yarn makes a big project work up fast, and the finished sweater is so squishy and soft with a relaxed fit.

Pattern available here.


No. 10: Coastal Cover Up

by Paintbox Yarns

And for last we have something a little bit different. Instead of the cozy and fluffy sweaters, this one is designed for summer! You will need to know just two extra techniques -- passing slipped stitches over, and wrapping the yarn around the needle. Ten minutes on YouTube and you'll have it figured out.

This fun light top has dropped shoulders, set-in sleeves, is worked flat and then seamed, with the neckline picked back up and worked last. The lacy texture makes it a super quick knit and it features the popular Paintbox Yarns, which not only come in nearly 50 different shades of acrylic yarn, but also in cotton, baby, and metallic blends.

It comes with six available sizes and uses a middle-range DK weight of yarn.

Pattern available here.


Don't let sweaters intimidate you! If you can handle basics like knit, purl, increase, and decrease, you can handle making a sweater. Be patient with yourself and understand it may take a while compared to a scarf or a hat, but the reward of finishing one is so very worth it!

Happy knitting!!


This post may contain affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase through one of the links provided, I may receive a small commission(at no extra cost to you) to help support me, my family, and this blog. Thanks for your support!

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